MOOC Stands for Massive Open Online Courses

Although there has been access to free online courses on the Internet for years, the quality and quantity of courses has changed. Access to free courses has allowed students to obtain a level of education that many only could dream of in the past. This has changed the face of education.

“in the past few months hundreds of thousands of motivated students around the world who lack access to elite universities have been embracing them as a path toward sophisticated skills and high-paying jobs, without paying tuition or collecting a college degree.”

Tamar Lewin , New York Times

You can find various MOOCs from the given list here :

  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Class2Go
  • EdX
  • Enaco
  • FUN: France Universite Numerique
  • iMooX
  • Iversity
  • MITx
  • MOOCs University
  • OpenLearn
  • OpenCourseWorld
  • Stanford University
  • Udemy Free Courses
  • ITunesU Free Courses
  • Stanford Free Courses
  • UC Berkeley Free Courses
  • MIT Free Courses
  • Duke Free Courses
  • Harvard Free Courses
  • UCLA Free Courses
  • Yale Free Courses
  • Carnegie Mellon Free Courses